I’m about to rant about the Red Sox, specifically about Matt Barnes…

Honestly, what is John Farrell’s love affair with Matt Barnes? A pitcher that continues to disappoint and work through problems finding the zone, continues to be the Red Sox 8th inning man in close games. Meanwhile, the Red Sox just traded for Addison Reed from the Mets and have a red hot Brendan Workman sitting in the pen.

Am I ready to say come for John Farrell’s job like many angry Red Sox fans? Well, at one point I was but with the division lead and big wins against the Yankees, it’s hard to do that.

Farrell’s team is playing well, but his bullpen management has been a big point that stands out to me when you look at this team.

What really got me going was Monday’s game against the Indians with Matt Barnes. A pitcher who has been struggling, especially with games on the line (most recently against the Yankees). 4-3 game in the 8th with Workman and Reed in the bullpen, he brings in Barnes who blows it.

AUGUST 14th:

Need Workman in the 7th, give Reed the 8th, and obviously Kimbrell in the 9th.

Scott can have the lefty specialist role, and Carson Smith is coming back soon and can rotate throughout the late innings. Until Barnes can prove consistency, he should only come in games that aren’t close (The “Abad” Role).

Nothing gets me more mad than seeing Matt Barnes’ stupid fucking face late in games. I just want everyone to know that.

Well, Kenny Powers ugly ass lookalike Heath Hembree gets me pretty close.



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