You thought the cast of The Office reunited to play a basketball game against a college team, didn’t you?

I sure did, thinking it was maybe some promotional or charity game set up by TCU.

When I clicked on the Dallas News’ article this afternoon, I was upset, but then I got past it for a good laugh.

The story here goes like this: the TCU basketball team played the Longhorns in Eagle Stadium in Australia as part of a summer league something or other. The Longhorns did not supply TCU with names to coordinate with the numbers of the players, so the team statisticians decided to fill it with Office characters.


Lots of blogs are picking up on this and looking at Jim’s impressive numbers as the focal point here. And yes, they are quite impressive, but I’m not surprised. Jim is by far the best basketball player in The Office as he showed in an early episode.

I think the more important numbers to look at is what players didn’t do. For example, Stanley Hudson, notable for his size and lack of mobility, put up 20 minutes for the team. An impressive display of stamina from the big man.

No shocker with this one, Kevin Malone had 20 minutes and only took one shot and committed two fouls. Those are the numbers you expect from Kevin. Still love him though.

Meredith Palmer had the second highest point total with 17, which is needless to say pretty shocking. Maybe it was the rabies (never forget the “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure.”)

Also, sitting Dwight and Jim to start the game is a tough move from coach (Jan Levenson?  David Wallace?). If I were coach, you’d have to have Dwight and Jim on different units. No way they’d pass to each other.

In fact, I think my starting lineup would be:

G – Ryan Howard

G – Michael Scott

F – Jim Halpert

F – Pam Beesly

C – Kevin Malone

Need that Halpert/Beesly chemistry on the floor at the same time. Also, Kevin starts here but no way he lasts long, might need to rotate him with Stanley to hold down the paint. Scranton branch doesn’t have a lot of big Center type characters to choose from.

What do you think? What is your starting lineup of Office Characters? Let me know on Twitter @ConnerGrant5 

P.S. Where’s Creed?



One thought on “Jim Halpert and The Office Cast Loses to TCU Basketball 107-81

  1. Yeah just a quick follow up, It was a huge mistake making Oscar a healthy scratch, he could have brought some more depth to the guard position. Also Darrel would have been a great addition as a backup center. He would bring some more speed to the position and a threatening midrange jumper. Lastly, Kevin needs to be an oversized shooting guard. If you watch the episode he is deadly from down town. My starting 5 would be
    PG: Ryan
    SG: Kevin:
    SF: Jim
    PF: Darrel
    C: Stanley

    Off the bench:
    G: Micheal (Energizer)
    G: Oscar (Facilitator)
    G: Angela (Speed)
    F: Dwight (goon)
    F: Meredith (Clutch gene, a real Kelly Olynyk)
    F: Pam (Athletic)
    C: Phyllis (Defensive Specialist)
    ?: Creed (Wildcard who shows up to the game late but drops 30 in the second half)

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