After blowing last nights game thanks to a bullpen meltdown, Dave Dombrowski goes out and gets his man.

Am I excited about this? Yes, I really have to be. The Red Sox had a hole in the bullpen and Dombrowski has filled that hole. That part will be nice.

But Addison Reed is a rental, and with an offense lacking like the Red Sox, there isn’t a lot of confidence with this team still. Will this deal will put them over the top and bring them to the level to a “World Series Caliber” team? I don’t think so, and that’s why this deal feels good on the surface, but still annoying in the end.

Very trusty Red Sox farm system source:

Additionally, I’m a little skeptical hearing that Dombrowski has sent out three more prospects. He’s known for draining farm systems, and it feels like that’s what he is doing in Boston.

Finally, since Reed is a rental, and the Sox are already close to that Luxury Tax threshold, it’s unlikely he’ll be re-signed.  A true rental.

Moral of the story: Red Sox get their man, help fix the ailing bullpen, but concern still remains around many aspects of this team.


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