Every blog has the Adrian Beltre clip, but what do we do? We give you another funny MLB video. That’s two for the price of one. Boom. 

If you couldn’t sleep like me last night, you were blessed with a couple laugh out loud funny clips from the MLB. Once these hit the Twitter-verse, they went viral instantly.

First, we had Adrian Beltre:

For context, the umpire asked Beltre to stand in the batters box, since he was standing off to the side of it. Beltre, who’s known for his humor and antics at times, looked at the umpire, and pulled the on deck circle closer to him. A simple power move that forced the hand of the umpire to eject, just so he wouldn’t lose his manhood after Beltre absolutely alpha’d him. Mind you the Rangers were down 18-6 in the bottom of the eighth when this occurred, so Beltre was probably already fed up at the time.

Pretty great, and happening at almost the same time, we had a kid in the Cubs White Sox game get absolutely murdered by a foul ball.

I guess it’s inappropriate to laugh about this if the kid is seriously hurt, but wow did I laugh hard at this when I saw it.

I think he got knocked out? He must have. He fell backwards with no life. This is stuff out of the movies with a kid trying to catch a foul ball and catching it square in the dome. Not much to say other then it’s one of the funniest clips I’ve seen come across my Twitter timeline.

You know when you see a video and you want to share it with everyone you are with because you know it’ll get a laugh? Well it’s 1AM and there’s no one here so this will suffice.

Follow me on Twitter (or don’t) so I can expand my funny video sharing network.


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