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Guess this was a bad thing of Nardini. So people tweeted about their outrage:

(Check replies here too)

With Barstool Employees fighting back:

A lot to go over with this, but it is important to note that Barstool is a growing company, and CEO Erika Nardini is highly regarded in the media industry. A simple Google search could tell you that, but angry Twitter users seem to disagree with Nardini’s tactics.

People seem to be upset with this specifically:

“Here’s something I do,” she said. “If you’re in the process of interviewing with us, I’ll text you about something at 9 p.m. or 11 a.m. on a Sunday just to see how fast you’ll respond.”

“Haters” of this will say that every person should be able to have time off, no matter the job. That’s not how the internet and the media works, and with how popular Barstool is becoming, there’s a line out the door with people who want to work for them. So to say that this is outrageous is BANANAS, as Barstool Founder Dave Portnoy would say.

It’s important to also say that Nardini simply texts these interviewees, doesn’t ask them to go or do something, just respond to a text. That’s fair coming from a company that never sleeps (blog never sleeps), and is driven by coordinated communication between all facets of the business. If I owned a business, it would drive me nuts to have employees that took 24 hours to respond to a simple question. You’re crazy if you think differently.

Still disagree? That’s fine, you can run your business the way you want to. But to go on Twitter and slander Nardini and her company for this tactic is crazy. No one is held against their will to work for Barstool, and in the end is the choice of the perspective employee if they are okay with this tactic. Its times like these where I wonder why people care, and why people don’t worry more about themselves and not another company.

Whether you like it or not, this is what business is becoming nowadays in America. You shouldn’t need me to tell you that. Everyone has a smart phone, and you are always connected. That doesn’t mean you have to always be on the clock, but the occasional communication with your employer is becoming the new norm. It’s time to adapt to the 21st century folks.


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