Red Sox fans rejoice, the nightmare is finally over.

The Boston Red Sox / Pablo Sandoval era is finally coming to an end (and thank god).

As I predicted a couple weeks ago, something was going to happen, and going to happen soon. Sandoval’s rehab stint was ending in Pawtucket, and there was going to have to make a roster spot for Sandoval. The team decided today that there would be no room for him, leading to the decision to designate him for assignment.

Now, the team will owe Sandoval a shit ton of money heading forward, since Sandoval was barely halfway through his $95 million dollar contract.

As for the team, Lin and Marrero have earned their way into the starting lineup. Hopefully, the two can pick up where they left off heading into the All-Star break.

For the extended future, Rafael Devers is the name you should know. He was recently selected for the AA All-Star game, and is playing in Portland for the time being. The only reason he is still in AA, is because he is adapting to his new 3B position. Devers can hit, he’s been highly regarded at the plate, and is a matter of time before Red Sox fans see him at 3B.

Will Dave Dombrowski make a trade for a 3B? Can never say never with DD, but as long as Lin and Marrero can hold the corner down for a little while, there is no sense in bringing in someone else, as long as they think Devers is the future. Dombrowski will likely look for relief help, and not anything at 3B.

Nevertheless, go celebrate everyone. The pain and suffering of watching Pablo Sandoval try and play 3B is over.

Now, let’s look back on his one shining highlight.

lCtLePX - Imgur.gif


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