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Original Article and Headline Reads: Celtics add Gordon Hayward, Punch Ticket to Eastern Conference Finals

After it’s all said and done, the Celtics finally get their man.

The Celtics certainly needed a scorer, and they found one with Brad Stevens’ former teammate at Butler.

Now the projected lineup looks like:

1 – Isaiah Thomas

2 – Avery Bradley


4 – Al Horford

5 – TBD (Zizic)

A dynamic line up with Brown, Tatum, and Smart coming off the bench, with time left in free agency to add.

For Ainge, this was boom or bust for him. With Paul George to OKC and Butler to MINN, there were no scorers left, especially after refusing to trade the pick which brought the team Tatum.

Now, lets look for the team to go after a solid big man to complete this deep team. But, as of now, the team has certainly improved from last year, a team that made it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Also, Isaiah seems to approve.


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