Well, Dealin’ Danny is back at it again, huh.

This is a franchise changing move for the Celtics. If Markelle Fultz becomes a superstar in this league, we’ll look back to this draft and wonder what could have been for Celtics fans.

Conversely, the Celtics are now LOADED with draft picks now. They move back two spots to the third pick for what seems to be Josh Jackson from Kansas. Additionally, they now have three draft picks next year, with the Lakers, Nets, and their own first round picks next year. But wait, it gets better, because the Celtics could have FOUR first round picks next year with the Clippers, Memphis, Kings, and their own. The first two on that list are protected and could move to 2020 first round picks. Whatever does happen, Danny is loaded for the next 3-4 years at least.

Although nice, there literally is not enough room on this team for that many first round picks and a ton more second round picks that I did not mention. So what do they do? Well, that’s the million dollar question.

Many are speculating a move for maybe Jimmy Butler, with The Big Lead going real hot take with this:

Although this may not seem believable, you have to think Danny is building up for something.

The bottom line is this: No matter what the Celtics do, Danny Ainge has set up the Celtics to be contenders for many years to come. Hard to be upset if you are a Celtics fan.

Think about what happened just a few years ago:

H/T: Bleacher Report for the Picture


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