Coming out of blogging retirement to ask a very important question, am I racist?

I ask this because I kind of agree with Mike Schmidt, and don’t have a problem with Jerry Remy’s comment. I don’t necessarily agree with Remy, but I don’t think we should be freaking out over his comments.

Lets start with Schmidt, since this seems to be more of a “hot take.” Yeah, I agree with him. Not that I have anything against a Spanish-speaking player, because he certainly could lead by example, but can he lead a dominantly english speaking baseball team without speaking the language? Sounds tough to me. The wording may have been tough, because you can certainly build around him, but he can’t be the defined leader of the team. That’s all, nothing personal man. I just think logistically it might be a little difficult. Sure he’s a nice guy and a good ball player.

That being said, other guy(s) on the team could be the clubhouse leader, while this guy goes out and mashes dingers and hit .300+.  This is just a weird controversy.

Am I racist yet? No? Alright well about Remy…

Why is this a national story? If you say it is because it’s a strange and useless comment, then yeah I can see it. What is the use of getting rid of the translator? It’s not an additional advantage, it doesn’t slow down the game, it really doesn’t do anything. So getting a little fired up about this is strange to begin with. But to say Remy is racist for saying this might be a little aggressive and over the top as well.

I love Remy, he’s good at his job, but this is simply a comment from an old crotchety man who believes if you play/live in America you should speak English. To each is own. To get mad at this and the national coverage this story is receiving is simply over the top click bait.

Race is tough in America, especially recently, but this is sports. These two men aren’t making a political statement, as much as the internet wants to make it. It’s their opinion, and you can take it or leave it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the game.

At the end of the day, these guys are two old, local sports broadcasters…why do you care about their opinions? They are paid entertainers essentially. They certainly don’t represent anyone in these comments.

To see the outrage, hop over to Twitter and search either of the two names. While you are there, toss ya boy a follow @ConnerGrant5.

So, am I racist? You tell me. I hope not!



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