The Red Sox making moves on Tuesday December 6th.

Rotation as of now:

  1. David Price
  2. Chris Sale
  3. Rick Porcello


  1. Porcello
  2. Sale
  3. Price


American League Cy Young Award winner is THIRD in the rotation? That is incredible.

I’m excited, but also hesitant. Moncada is no longer protection behind Pablo Sandoval, and  he is officially your starting third baseman to start the season as of now. If Sandoval can turn into his old self, then this is an AWESOME deal, but if he falters again, this may be a big big mistake. That being said, Dave could also go out and get a third basemen at the deadline if it doesn’t work out.

Sale is 27 and is under contract for three more years for 38 million. A steal for one of the best pitchers in the major leagues. To only give up ONLY prospects for him is remarkable. A great deal for the Red Sox.

The only thing that you can argue about the deal would be why didn’t you do this before when David Ortiz was in his final season?

 After the Red Sox acquired Tyler Thornberg, the Red Sox now have solidified their pitching rotation and makes it one of the best in the league.

Granted, you lose Moncada, a future star in the league who struggled in his first call up this season. He’s young and has a bright future, just not now. Same with Kopech, a starter who throws absolute gas, but is very far from contributing to the big team.

The only question that remains on this Red Sox team is whether or not David Ortiz come out of retirement and get a ring or not?

As John Farrell would say, “let’s fucking have it!”


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