In case you missed it, Rick Porcello won the Cy Young Award Wednesday night. He knew before his family, and decided to share the moment with the viewers of the MLB Network. Just an unreal moment to have for the rest of your life if you are Porcello. Well done.

Of course, the bigger story of the night was Kate Upton being angry online. Somehow she seems to be just finding out now that sports writers can be stuffy, old, and out of touch. I can only imagine what they thought after reading these tweets.

Well, we know what Jon Heyman thinks:

Then this, which actually is pretty good. Props Heyman.

Porcello didn’t seem to mind about what Verlander’s wife had to say about him beating the other ace out:

Overall just a great night for the internet. You had Porcello giving out happiness out, Upton with the anger, and now this video of a cross country runner getting absolutely demolished by this year.

Hit of the year, video of the year, you name it and this video takes the cake. Had me gasping for air. Thank god for the internet.


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