Best of from the World Cup of Hockey

With sports and media moving more social and online (don’t tell the NFL that), the new referee camera’s are the next big thing in sports. 

It’s fascinating, shareable, and innovative.

With technology now so advanced from just a few years ago, new camera angles aren’t that exciting anymore. You had the PylonCam  a few years ago which is certainly an improvement, but can only be used for a select few plays during the game.

The refs are a part of every play, and in a sport like hockey, being brought inside the ice is a crazy experience. Just use the examples above, it is a so different from high above then it is literally right next to the players as they make the play. With that, the refs keep the speed with the players, which adds to the excitement of the game.

I need more ref cams, and I need it for more aspects of the game. How about a big fight between two goons throwing huge haymakers at each other? That would be unreal.

Although this will never happen, how about posting it online and keeping it unfiltered? Let the players swear, hear the shit talking and see the blood. Hockey needs the these shareable moments on Twitter and Instagram. Especially now with the NFL taking highlights away from social media, if you can fill that void with sweet hockey highlights, I think it would be big for the game of hockey.

Expanding on that – how could other sports use this technology? The NFL is the no fun league, but if they were to focus on more important things other then DeflateGate, they could give viewers a very unique experience. Imagine the refs in the middle of the field wearing these same cameras? A whole new element to the sport which is losing ratings. yahoo_raiders_only_10.jpg

The same could be said about the MLB. Imagine an umpire down the line turning around and watching a home run fly into the seats? Or even better, a play in foul ground with a player leaning into the crowd. It’s shots like these that you can’t get from high leverage areas, and get great shots from on the field.

I’ll leave you with this, how about more of this:


and less of this:

Disagree? Think I’m stupid? Please tell me. @ConnerGrant5. Fight me.

 H/T: Scouting The Refs


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