Why is the wave still a thing?

Although the lede may sound like it, I am not an insufferable journalist looking to take the joy out of sporting events. Simply a fan of the game that has finally reached his limit with fans of the wave.

In case you have never been to a baseball game before, here is what the wave can look like:


After doing some research, many think the hate for the wave comes from the hardcore fans, and that fans should be able to “enjoy their ticket” in any way they want. But this argument lacks basic logic tests. Fans buy tickets to go to the game. When was the last time you heard someone buy the ticket hoping to start the wave during the game?

So why do I have the hate for the wave?

It’s repetitive, and really just no longer impressive.

I get it if it is your first time to a baseball game. It can be a cool experience to see fans rally together to put on a show around the show. But once you go to that second game and you see it again, it simply seems lame. Every stadium of fans, from the minors to the majors on every game night do the wave. It is no longer something special to see. It has become the norm at baseball stadiums around the country.

It is time to come up with a new variation for the wave. The wave has been around  for 33 years now. Be creative people. It’s 2016.  Maybe people could start dabbing around the stadium? Although it’s a terrible idea, it’s at least new and creative (?).

Clearly the act of the wave, getting people to stand in unison together doesn’t really bother me. The repetitiveness of it does.

With the wave already being annoying, how about fans get one opportunity at the wave and then be done. Never really understood the desire to do it again and again and again. Especially in close game situations, the game should be a priority. Wait until the end of an inning or a pitching change. You know there are plenty of breaks in a baseball game to get your wave fetish fulfilled.

This is me from the last game I attended. Yankees/Red Sox in the 9th, Sunday Night Baseball in a one run game. If there was any time not to do the wave, it would be this one.

The Texas Rangers are also not big fans of the wave:

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 2.33.24 PM.png
Courtesy: stopthewave.net

The Nationals even tried to ban the wave back in 2013..

And Republican Nominee Donald Trump did the wave in 2012 with a three second delay:

Trump Doing Wave.gif


* This concludes my rant about the wave *

Do you hate the wave? Do you have suggestions as to how to improve the wave? Tweet me @ConnerGrant5 and tell me. Please.

P.S. Posting the wave on Snapchat, Twitter, or YouTube is the biggest waste of time. Even fans of the wave can agree that no one cares about the wave at a game they are not at.

Okay sorry now I’m done.


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