NASCAR fans were treated with a double feature on Sunday, as the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race quickly escalated to a UFC fight after a controversial finish in Canada.

On the final lap of the Chevrolet Silverado 250, John Hunter Nemechek (#8), son of former NASCAR great Joe Nemechek, went door-to-door with Cole Custer (#00) to take the win at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.


Alright, first and foremost, this was a terrible move on Nemechek’s part. Yes, it’s fair to give a guy a little bump and run to win a race. But to run him off the damn track and shove him against the wall? That’s just fucking stupid. I’m honestly shocked NASCAR still awarded Nemechek the win. Custer had every right to be upset, which is why I’m 100% fine with what happened next:

giphy (1).gif

Out of NOWHERE! Custer channeled his inner JJ Watt on that one. It’s too bad the crew members broke this one up, because I still feel like Nemechek didn’t quite get what he deserved.

But wait, I haven’t even mentioned the best part. Nemechek was interviewed after the race in victory lane, and what he said absolutely shocked me. I had to play it back a few times just to make sure I heard him right, but he literally said “we didn’t wreck him.” He actually said that. I’m pretty sure if you Google the work “wrecked,” this exact example would show up. He also went on to say “he would have done the same thing to me.” Again, bullshit. I’m about 99% sure no one else in motorsports would pull off such a dick move to win a race.

It’s a shame, really. Joe Nemechek is a classy guy, and I really wanted to like John Hunter. But it turns out he’s just another punk son of a former driver who only has a spot in NASCAR because of his last name.

It’ll be worth keeping an eye on the Camping World Truck Series as the season winds down, because I have a feeling Cole Custer isn’t quite done with this kid yet.


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