Aug-11-2016 02-20-21

Aug-11-2016 02-14-05

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Boy am I jealous. Every kid’s dream in baseball is that one moment late in the game when the team is relying on you and you come through to win it.

The timing of this blast is unbelievable. Could not be any later. Two outs, last inning, tie game, bases loaded, and he walks it off for his team in regionals. This kid most certainly has the clutch gene. No doubting it.

His reaction is priceless after he hits it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 1.42.42 AM.png

The “holy shit is this real life” face.

Also this ball was a no doubter right off the bat. He CRUSHED it. Over the ESPN camera tower it looks like.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 1.47.17 AM.png

Once that ball was hit, this poor center fielder crumbles to the ground in defeat. Really just heartbreaking to watch from the other perspective. Lots of things going on in this video.

Lastly, the moment when you’re the man and you know it

Aug-11-2016 01-49-24.gif

Just an all-time great moment for this Rhode Island team, and just a feel good video. This little man is on cloud nine and is having the best time of his life. Just a feel good way to start your day…or end it, or whatever.

I tweet fun videos and more @ConnerGrant5. So yeah. See ya there.


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