Happy Hot Stove Week!

The time of year for mystery teams and fake twitter accounts. It is a great time of year for baseball fans. A time where every fan thinks they can be a GM (including myself) and thinks their team is either now going to win it all, or that the goal of reaching the playoffs will not be met.

During this time of year, you see a lot of articles like “5 trades  _____ (insert team) should make” and “ranking the winners and losers of the trade deadline.” Which are both bullshit because us fans can’t act like we have all the information on players and trades. We can disagree with trades, but we certainly can’t think we know it was good or bad. Same goes winners and losers, because we obviously can’t crown winners and losers immediately after the deadline.

Since there are a million of those articles, thought I’d save everyone a read and not write another one. Instead, here is a couple ideas of trades we won’t see. Some trades that would be awesome and huge, but simply too ridiculous to happen…but I’m going to try to justify them anyway.

Some of the players include Mike Trout, Alex Rodriguez, Bartolo Colon…


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