Yes this is a sports blog, but this video was too awesome not to share.

This helicopter pilot is a BADASS. This man literally had enough of this convicts shit and jumped out of a flying helicopter to get him. That, my friends, is dedication.

That being said, I’d love to see video from inside the helicopter when this transpired. Did he lean over to his pilot or co-pilot and say “alright, fuck this guy let me out and I’ll take care of it.” Or is this a normal thing for helicopter pilots to do, and us civilians just rarely see it go down?

Lets break this video down.

First, the pursuit:

Jun-28-2016 18-11-11.gif

Impressive open field speed, like a lion chasing an injured gazelle. Spotted, tracked down, and sacked hard. I actually gasped when I first saw the speed from this pilot, and the impressive take down.

Next, the fight.

Jun-28-2016 18-11-36.gif

Underrated about this video is the way this suspect tried to fight. He got up and went for the push, figured he was outmatched, and tried to run away. Pretty weak by him in my opinion. With that being said, the pilot opens in an impressive three point boxing stance, then throws his foe to the ground like a rag doll. Love it.

Finally, the arrest.

Jun-28-2016 18-19-12.gif

Not quite sure what he ripped off the man in red, but he did so very quickly and immediately pins him down as the other officer assists him. Just really an awesome moment. I think the Texans should look into this guy being a possible CB. At least a tryout, right?

Also, are we sure this isn’t The Stig from Top Gear?


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H/T: Fox 26 Houston


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