There have been some pretty great hair styles in the NBA throughout the years, and I define great as any hair style requires a double, triple, or quadruple take.  This season, there have been some hairstyles that are worthy of recognition in the form of the NBA All-Hair Teams.

All-Hair First Team

Guard: Jeremy Lin


Jeremy Lin has sported a few different looks this season including a bowl cut and whatever you call these:

But Lin’s go-to style seems to be the spiked mohawk, which is getting a lot of attention.  This season, his hair was called for a foul when the spikes caught Jerryd Bayless right in the face. This hair earned the nod for All-Hair First Team as well as most likely to take out your eye.

Guard: Elfrid Payton


Elfrid Payton has not gotten a haircut since his senior year of high school when everyone on his high school team swore to not get hair cuts until they won the state championship. They didn’t win.  Going that long without getting a haircut deserves some recognition, even if it looks like a dried up mop on his head.

Forward: Kenneth Faried


Is that a model? No wait it’s just Kenneth Faried! With that hair and smile this man could for sure start a modeling career on the side and this photo should certainly go in his portfolio.

Oh wait, he already has…

Forward: Kelly Olynyk


We all fell in love with Kelly’s luscious locks back in his Gonzaga days and they are still going strong today in Boston. Olynyk, unfortunately, tested out a man bun for a few games this season, but my advice to Kelly is to let if fly.

Center: Lucas Nogueira


We first got to know Lucas when he was drafted by the Celtics back in 2013 and memorably struggled to put the Boston Celtics hat on his head.  Today he is playing for the Toronto Raptors and his hair is as voluminous as ever.

All-Hair Second Team

Guard: George Hill


George Hill decided to change his hair color this season, and it seems he went for the “high school girl around prom time” bleach blonde look.  We should be thankful that he didn’t go for the oompa loompa orange spray tan to go with it.  This hair isn’t for everyone but Gregg Popovic seems to be a fan.


Guard: Marcus Smart


It appears that Marcus Smart and Jared Sullinger went to get their hair did together before the start of the season.  It seems they were inspired by the style of Odell Beckham Jr.’s hair.  Personally I’m not a fan of the look, but I think that Smart pulls it off better than Sully does.

Forward: Justice Winslow


The lone rookie selected to the NBA All-Hair Team, Justice Winslow.  The Duke product’s  hair has an Elfrid Payton like look to it..just significantly more tame.

Forward: Nerlens Noel


The high top fade is not as popular as it used to be, but it is making a bit of a comeback.  Nerlens can rock it.  At least it’s something that Philly can celebrate, they have someone on an All-NBA Team! The All-Hair Second Team!!!!

Center: Robin Lopez


His hair is dirty looking and curly and it kind of reminds me of Manny Ramirez’s hair back in the day.  That’s the reason he made the All-hair team.

5 afro ramirez manny-being-manny.jpg

Honorable Mentions:

Steven Adams:


Adams makes the NBA All-Hair Team list because of the transformation this man went through since the beginning of the year. He started the season looking like this..


Finally, for the worst hair in the game…

Lebron James, DUH



Hey LeBron, your hair sucks! Boom, roasted.




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