Earlier this week:


Classic ESPN. Just soooooooooo typical of these immature girls. But oh, don’t worry, they were just “running low on time:”

I don’t buy this for one second, and you shouldn’t either. This is truly just a PR move, same with Jessica Mendoza being in the Sunday Night Baseball booth.

ESPN got caught and had to cover for it.

I love this from Bruce – very clear that Schil had a HUGE part in the Red Sox World Series run, and to leave it out is not telling the full story. There is truly no reason to show the documentary because it doesn’t show it all. If you were to cut it out for time, this should be made clear to the viewer.

To be clear, I do think ESPN had the right to fire Schilling after the things he posted. ESPN is a private company and can control who they hire and fire based on public perception. That being said, leaving him out of this documentary is truly unfair and simply petty.

Even Curt had some fun with what happened:

In the end, it is simply ESPN doing ESPN things. The powerhouse that they are really do own the sports media industry. Until a reasonable competitor comes into the mix (Sorry FS1) this will continue. Sports fans have no choice but to continue to watch ESPN and their content due to the lack of competition. ESPN wins and it makes me feel sick.

Do you believe ESPN? Are you as angry as I do? Hit me up over on the Twitter @ConnerGrant5 or @sro_sports and lets talk about it.


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