Are you serious? This again? When I woke up the morning after the AFC championship game two years ago and read the headline “Colts accuse Brady and Patriots of Deflating Balls” I thought it was a joke. I would never have guessed that we would still be talking about it two years later. Well here we are, Deflategate is once again occupying headlines all over America.

This morning, a federal appeals court ruled that Tom Brady must serve his four game suspension which was handed out by commissioner Roger Goodell TWO YEARS AGO. It is important to note that the ruling by the court does not say that Tom Brady is guilty, and does not bring to light any new evidence against Brady or the Patriots. The court is simply stating that under the NFL CBA, Roger Goodell has the authority to suspend Brady in the manor that he did.

Now, I realize that I am a biased Patriots fan, but if you don’t think that this whole situation is ridiculous, you clearly know nothing about football or really sports in general. There are much bigger issues that should be dealt with rather than whether a few footballs were underinflated during the first half of a BLOWOUT football game. How about Johnny Manziel getting indicted on assault charges this morning? Greg Hardy, Ray Rice? For the record, I didn’t agree with the Josh Gordon suspension, but Hell, even that is worse than what Brady allegedly did during that BLOWOUT two years ago.

With all this being said, Brady won’t serve his suspension. I said this last year and I will say it again. There is just not enough evidence to uphold such a ridiculous suspension. Kraft and the Patriots will do everything they can to back Brady and fight the NFL. Don’t be surprised when Brady suits up for the Patriots in Week 1 against the Cardinals and begins his pursuit of ring number 5.

Now do us all a favor, go buy a Free Brady shirt, and relax. I fully expect Brady to be playing week 1, but if for some crazy reason he’s not, the Patriots will still do what they do best, WIN. Yes, losing Brady would hurt, but either way, the Patriots will still be right in the middle of the Super Bowl conversation come 2017.

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