Lets break this down:

1st Out – Underrated job by the RF to get a good jump on the ball, then have the whereabouts to turn and throw to first. None of this happens without his great effort out there.

2nd Out – Dude, slide into the bag. You simply can’t be running past first base like we are in Little League again. Very good job by Abreu at first to track him down and get the tag down. I understand that the baserunner tried to avoid the incoming tag, but I don’t think that is an excuse to run by the base that far.

3rd Out – This one is exhausting. Just terrible base running by the guy at second. He had plenty of time to get back while the ball was at first AND home. He put Prince Fielder in a pickle at third and there is no way he is going to win that.

The Rangers need to go back to the basics on the base paths. Not often that mistakes cost a team two of the three outs on one play. What a crazy sequence of events.

Also, helluva quote from Eaton about the play

More From The MLB:

Yasiel Puig Da Gawd:

SPEEEEEEED from Jacoby:

Incredible Throw? Another one:


Absolute Piss Missile:

This all coming off Arieta’s no-hitter from last night.What a crazy 24 hours in the MLB.

Which highlight is your favorite? Tweet me @ConnerGrant5 and I’ll tell you that you’re wrong.


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