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Here’s the deal. It’s a movie folks.

Let’s start with saying that I am a New Englander, and I don’t think it is all that bad.

Yes, I get how people might find this a tad offensive. Dressing up as a police and walking over the finish line is very genuine and touches home for so many. But you have to look at this big picture. This is going to be a movie about the strong and courageous people of Boston, fighting through adversity when two insane men entered and caused terror on the city. This movie is the classic good guys beating the bad guys. We are the good guys!!!

I absolutely can see why some people in the marathon might not want to see it. But to say that it “isn’t Mark Wahlberg’s story to tell” is insane. That is basically just finding something to get angry about. He also isn’t walking around acting like the spokesperson for Boston Strong Mr. Landers, he is filming a movie and trying to give it a genuine feel.

I actually think this could have been much worse. Can you imagine a non-Boston actor filming none of the movie in Boston? There would be nothing to the movie, and you would be able to see right through it if you were from Boston. You knew this story was going to be a movie, so why not give a genuine feel with a Boston actor and actual scenes in Boston with actual Bostonians? Sounds good to me.

Seems like Boston Bombing survivor and actual spokesperson for survivors Carlos Arredondo doesn’t have a problem with Mark Wahlberg at the finish line Monday.

I’m excited to see this movie. Although it was one of the hardest points in recent Boston history, you can also look at is a proud one when all said and done. The way people worked together, stayed strong, and rallied around one another, it was truly amazing. Obviously some parts of the movie are going to hit home and hurt badly, but I know this movie will show Boston, Bostonians and especially Boston PD in such a positive light that I don’t think it will matter in the end.

But like any movie, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch it.

And as for this Globe writer – I’m sure the filming had to be cleared by the Boston PD and Mayor Marty.  If they had a problem with this in a security sense, I’m sure they could have squashed it in no time. Could be wrong, but I’m not.

I’d love to hear from others – what do you think about this decision? Tweet at me @ConnerGrant5 or comment below.

For those interested, the movie is slated to premiere January 17, 2017. So bottle up that anger and save it for the cold of winter.

Note: I will be interested to see if the movie does anything for Marathon survivors. It would be in some bad taste if this movie ended with so much money and ignored survivors. If I know Marky Mark like I know Marky Mark, he’ll do the right thing (Idk Wahlberg but I got faith he’ll do the right thing. He is a Boston guy).



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