“Just when you think it is safe to swim in the water, you’re swimming with Jaws baby!”

What a brilliant marketing campaign by IFC. You take College Basketball’s biggest star, Dick Vitale, in the sports biggest month, and just have him say some normal Dickie V things about some classic movies. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?

I was smiling through the whole clip. It got me thinking, does Dickie V think like this? Like when he watches a movie, is he announcing in his head through the whole thing?

I love Vitale, he brings energy and a clear passion to the broadcast booth. He’s funny, and I’m not sure he’s even self aware about how ridiculous he can be. Once you overcome his voice, you look forward to the great UNC/Duke games you know that he will be at.

One flaw with this clip though is I feel like IFC could have thrown in some of the other catchphrases of his like “Diaper-Dandies” or the typical “OHHH, OHHHH” he screams every game (still love it). Just feel like each “baby” was kind of killed by the end of this short clip.

Lastly, this should be IFC’s “thing.” Bring in well known people or broadcasters to talk over a movie for a commercial like this. Definitely has viral capacity, and gets people to share the video. I’m not a marketing major, but that sounds ideal…

Anyway, here’s some great Dickie V moments to get you through the day:

The typical lots of short sentences yelled in excitement Dick Vitale

Old highlight tape – which gets me thinking, why can’t I find any newer ones? I’d love someone to comment or contact me about making one because I’d love to post it.

Love what you saw? Now wake up with Vitale!

Comment or tweet me @ConnerGrant5 and tell me your favorite Dickie V moments, or your thoughts about the IFC moment. I’m here to defend my boy. He’s amazing, baby.


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