BOSTON (CBS) — Snow is on the ground, but spring is in the air in Boston.

Wednesday is “Truck Day” at Fenway Park, a sure sign that warmer times are just around the corner.

Boston Red Sox staff and Wally the Green Monster could be seen tossing baseballs from a truck to fans gathered outside the park.


Today in Boston is Truck Day, an annual tradition that signals the start of baseball season is near.

But really, Truck Day is an overhyped celebration of a truck that leaves Boston to deliver equipment. It is really is quite pointless.

Look, I get it. People like to celebrate that Baseball season and warmer temperatures are near. That’s fine. But the fact that we the fans flood the streets to watch an equipment truck drive by is a little insane don’t you think?

I’m all for tradition, but this one seems a little much.

This year’s truck included:

  • 20,400 baseballs
  •  1,100 bats
  • 200 batting gloves
  • 200 batting helmets
  • 320 Batting Practice tops
  • 160 white game jerseys
  • 300 pairs of pants
  • 400 t-shirts
  • 400 pairs of socks
  • 20 cases of bubble gum
  • 60 cases of sunflower seeds

My question is why do the Red Sox, and other teams around the MLB, still do this?

Michael agrees.

But really, why don’t these teams just change the shipping address on their orders to their Spring Training facility? I feel like you would save a lot of time and effort if you just had these items shipped directly to the Spring Training facilities. Maybe there is a reason, but it has never been explained to me.

I think it is time to move on from this silly tradition.

Also, an 18 wheeler? Why not just fly the equipment down to Florida? Doesn’t that seem faster and easier? The truck is even sponsored by Jet Blue. The irony is incredible.


It is also crazy that we are celebrating being one step closer to baseball season, and there is a giant man made ski and snowboarding slope in Fenway at the moment.


(The event is Thursday and Friday at Fenway and looks wicked awesome for those in the area)

But c’mon, a little contradicting by the Red Sox don’t you think?

Nevertheless though, this does in fact signal that we are one step closer to baseball season. I can look past the weirdness of a truck full of equipment leaving Boston if it means baseball season is on its way.

Think I’m crazy? Tweet your anger at @ConnerGrant5 or comment below and I’ll fight you on this.





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