Grinded out another podcast for you guys. Even during Finals week. Can’t stop us. Won’t stop us.

Topics this week include:

  • Patriots VICTORY
  • Reaction from the game around the table
  • Gronk’s impact
  • Our hatred for JJ Watt
  • Is Malcolm Butler an elite CB?
  • Logan Ryan Impact 
  • Grading the Offense, Defense, and Special Teams
  • Rest of the Season outlook including predictions for Tennessee 

All concluded with a heated discussion about Tuna and Cheese sandwiches. For real.

Our final thoughts included:

Colin Flynn – JBJ being untouchable + Winners of the MLB offseason so far

Rian White – Pete Rose

Josh Weinmann – Johnny Cueto and his Instagram

Conner Grant – Tuna and Cheese Sandwich.

Really you should just get ready for an incredible opening song brought to you by Conor McGregor, and a festive closing to the show.

We may go missing as the holiday’s approach, but don’t be surprised if we pop back with a video. Follow @sro_sports on Twitter to stay in the loop.

Side note: With Football season in full swing, we have decided as a team to not talk about Bruins and Celtics, yet. Once Football has taken a back seat we’ll dive head first into the NBA and NHL. But for now, enjoy our Patriots talk.


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