Don Orsillo, the voice of the Red Sox for the past 15 years. Orsillo’s a local guy. He was born in Melrose Massachusetts then moved to New Hampshire for a majority of his childhood. Orsillo grew up a Red Sox fan, always dreaming of becoming the voice of the Red Sox. Orsillo went to Northeastern University, which launched him into an announcing career for the Pawtucket Red Sox for four years. He started with the Red Sox in 2001, with his first game being a no hitter by Hideo Nomo. Between his infectious laughter, and incredible professionalism, Don Orsillo is truly one of a kind. The new man in charge at NESN is Dave O’Brien who is very good at what he does, but the chemistry between Remy and Orsillo is unmatched. I’ll truly miss Don, but at least we’ll have these laugh out loud funny clips to remember his career in Boston by.

Pizza Throw:

Boob Grab:

Remy Loses Tooth:

Remy tries to pronounce R’s:


Tito and Orsillo:

Orsillo Sayings we will never forget:

“In the midst of a meeting with himself”

“By way of the K”

“As Fenway rises as one”

“Boston this is for you!”

Tribute at the last home game:

http://async=  Note: My plan was to write a blog recapping the Red Sox season, which I still might write, but watching Orsillo’s last broadcast today got me a little teary eyed. 

And here is how the final game ended:



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