“The only thing that could have made that part better is if Brady came up last holding Goodell’s head on a spike.”

Finally we can all rejoice because FOOTBALL IS BACK! Last night was incredible to watch as there were so many different events during and before the game that made me proud to be a football and Patriots fan. Since I was in attendance at the game, I want to share my experience because it was the best sporting event I’ve ever been to.

So I first arrived to the stadium around 10:00 AM. There was a good amount of people around Patriot Place, but the main parking lots weren’t open yet. The tailgating wouldn’t start for another 4 hours. Just by walking through the pro-shop and some of the restaurants I could see shirts that said “Brady 1, Goodell 0” or hats that said “Fire Goodell.” It was obvious that the people of New England had not forgotten what happened over the offseason and we were out for blood.

A huge issue everybody was talking about before the game was the chances of thunderstorms. It would downpour on and off all day and on the radar it showed a huge storm coming right towards us. However, I think we got really lucky that it stopped raining before warm-ups and then only started back up again in the final quarter.

Around an hour before kickoff is when the teams start to warm up. The punters and kickers are always the first to get out on the field. After them is when Brady and Garapollo come out to throw. When they ran out, the crowd bursted into cheers even though the stadium was only half full. A “Brady” chant soon came after the cheers and the fist pump Brady gave to the crowd just made everyone that much louder and more confident.

Similar cheers occurred when shots of Belichick and Kraft were shown on the big screen. It felt like with how successful the Patriots have been, and finally winning that Lombardi trophy again, everyone was showing there appreciation and support for the entire organization. (Also, when Bill’s face was shown it looked like he was trying to hold back a smile which was awesome!)

By the time the ceremonies started everyone was in there seats. The Dropkick Murphy performed first, which was hard to hear where I was. Having a Boston band perform for everyone on national television was pretty sweet. Once T-Pain came on the sing “All I Do is Win” everybody was pumped up and the fireworks just added an extra element of celebration to it all. Afterwords though, all of the smoke created a fog around the podiums for when the trophies came out. Even with that watching Willie McGinest, Ty Law, and Troy Brown all held up Lombardi trophies while Kraft walked up with the fourth, makes me understand why everybody else hates the Patriots. The only thing that could have made that part better is if Brady came up last holding Goodell’s head on a spike.

I didn’t even realize the banner had been dropped until the cheering picked up and everyone was pointing at it, but it was a very special moment for the Patriot Nation nonetheless. Soon after that was when the team ran out, which actually caused the stadium to erupt. It was electric. I couldn’t have had bigger chills if I tried. At that point I had 100 percent confidence in the Patriots to win that game, I would have believed they could have won 100-0.

Then there was the final act, where everyone in the crowd held up cards to create a giant image. Before the ceremonies, they had been telling everybody to be ready for it and read the directions on your card. All we really had to do was hold the cards up to our face and look out through the slit in it. Still, I’m surprised that it worked out so well with how drunk and “intelligent” all of us New England fans are.

The game itself was awesome. Im not sure if it is just a New England thing but all of the fans stand the entire game, it’s just too exciting not to. The offense was awesome as expected, and the defense looked shaky but they still held Pittsburg to mostly only field goals. The loudest parts of the night we after Gronk’s three touchdowns and then also his standing ovation when he was shown on the big screen. Also once we were all confident the Pats were going to pull off the win a “Where’s Goodell” chant started, and it went for awhile. It’s only the first game and there is already so much to talk about, I can’t wait to see what happens on the following Sunday’s!

Here are some pictures from where I was sitting at the game:


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